Warranty Information

Wholesale Commercials managing director, Will Mouat, has worked closely with Protecta Insurance NZ Limited, a leading automotive Mechanical Insurance provider, to tailor an extensive commercial vehicle warranty package which comes standard with purchase on WCV Premium vehicles. Previous experience as a transport fleet operator has enabled Will to establish what commercial vehicle purchasers need from a mechanical insurance policy. The result is an inclusive warranty policy on qualifying vehicles, which provides cost effective warranty cover to ensure his customers have piece of mind from major component failure. Will's aim is to provide as close to a new vehicle warranty as possible with WCV premium used vehicles.

This taylored Warranty Package is specifically designed to provide WCV customers protection from major components and drivetrain failure as well as unscheduled repairs and maintenance. This LCV policy is specifically designed to provide warranty cover for new generation diesel engines engineered to meet Euro4 & 5 emmission standards, where high pressure Common Rail Injection, Unit Injectors, Variable Vane Turbo Charging, Intercooling, and advanced engine management systems are all standard equipment. Our LCV policy provides full cover for most components* now standard on the latest engines as well as full cover on all associated drivetrain components.

*Some normal wear items are not covered - see policy Terms & Conditions, General Exclusions section. If it's not listed in exclusions section..... IT'S COVERED!!!


Light Commercial Vehicles - Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

This Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (hereinafter referred to as this Policy) is between the Purchaser named in the Proposal Form and Allianz New Zealand Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Company) which has authorised PROTECTA Insurance New Zealand Limited (hereinafter referred to as PROTECTA Insurance) and it’s agents to administer this Policy.

Light Commercial Vehicle Cover

In the event that a Mechanical Breakdown occurs and the Purchaser has complied with the Terms and Conditions of this Policy, the Company agrees to contract with it’s Authorised Repairer for the repair or replacement of the Parts Covered, at PROTECTA Insurance’s discretion, based on the rates of labour, parts and outwork negotiated between PROTECTA Insurance (on behalf of the Company) and it’s Authorised Repairer. Payment shall include the reasonable cost required to repair or replace the Parts Covered to a condition in no way inferior to that at the commencement date of this Policy. The Purchaser agrees to accept such payment as full and final satisfaction and discharge of all liability of the Company under this Policy. This Policy will expire 36 months after the start date as indicated in the Proposal Form.

Mechanical Breakdown

Mechanical Breakdown means any sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical failure of the Parts Covered.

What is covered?

This Policy covers the vehicle declared in the Proposal Form for any Mechanical Breakdown (includes oil, filters, gaskets, seals, and “O” rings ONLY when replaced at the time of the claim) subject to the Terms and Conditions and Limits of Liability stated in this Policy

Limits Of Liability

A. The Company’s maximum liability during the period of this Policy is limited to the current market value of the vehicle.

The Company’s maximum liability in respect of any one Mechanical Breakdown is:

a) In respect of all vehicles with an Odometer reading of up to 100,000 km at the Date of Purchase = $7,000

b) In respect of all vehicles with an Odometer reading of up to 150,000 km at the Date of Purchase = $6,000

c) In respect of all vehicles with an Odometer reading of up to 250,000 km at the Date of Purchase = $5,000

and is subject to the Excess as described under B. of this section

B. Excess – The Excess nominated in the Proposal Form applies to each and every unrelated Mechanical Breakdown. ($600 Excess applies – WCV Ltd LCV Policy) All dollar amounts expressed are inclusive of Goods and Service Tax.


General Exclusions

This Policy shall not apply:

. Where the vehicle is not maintained and serviced in accordance with the Vehicle Service Programme outlined in this Policy or where any repairs have been affected contrary to the Mechanical Breakdown Claim Procedure.

. Where the Mechanical Breakdown is the subject of a recall by the Vehicle Manufacturer or to any costs arising from the rectifying of any failure of, or defect or fault in, the design or specification of any component.

. To any Mechanical Breakdown or liability occurring in whole or in part due to any misuse, external damage/cause or act or omission (whether wilful, unlawful or negligent) to the vehicle.

. To any repairs covered by any other form of Insurance, Warranty or Guarantee.

. To any claim arising from defects which were in existence at the time the vehicle was purchased, or at the time this Policy was effected.

. To any claims that are fraudulent.

. To any costs arising from contamination of any water, oil, lubricant, fuel, fluid, or air system by any external influence and to costs arising from corrosion, rust or deterioration.

. To any claim arising from loss of time, loss of use, inconvenience, storage charges, accidental damage, fire, theft, conversion, or any other consequential loss.

. To any claim arising or liability for incidental or consequential damage caused by the failure of a non-covered component.

. To any Mechanical Breakdown that has either been contributed to or has arisen as a result of the vehicle being modified from the manufacturers original specification.

. To any costs arising from, or for rectifying, defective or faulty repair or workmanship.

. To any claim arising from the continued operation of the vehicle once a fault has occurred, including loss of lubricant and coolant.

. To any injector failure which is as a result of wear, gradual deterioration, corrosion or contamination.

. To any costs associated with the servicing, maintenance, adjustment or tuning of any component.

. To any cost associated with the replacement of any: battery, exhaust system, shock absorbers, suspension rubber mountings and bushes, tyres and wheels,wheel alignment and balancing, glass, lights, paintwork, bodywork, handles, hinges, struts, seat belts, trim, upholstery, cosmetic item, satellite navigation system, audio system, visual system, communications system, seats and associated mechanisms, brake shoe linings, disc pads, the repair and or replacement of clutches due to wear and tear, splitter gearboxes.

. To any costs arising from, or the rectifying of, any auxiliary, ancillary or additional equipment, or any associated system or componentry, which is fitted to the vehicle, such as but not limited to any concrete/cement mixer, crane, disposal unit, hoist, lifting equipment, loader, refrigeration unit, tipper, truck body etc.

Qualifying Vehicles

Vehicles Covered: This Policy covers the vehicle declared in the Proposal Form, with the exceptions as set out below, for any Mechanical Breakdown subject to the Limits of Liability and the Terms and Conditions set out in this Policy.

Vehicles not covered

Any vehicle with an odometer reading in excess of 250,000 km or over 12 years of age at time of purchase.

Any vehicle with a gross weight exceeding 12,000 kg GVM.

Any vehicle used in Racing Competitions, Time Trials or Rallies.

Vehicles with more than two axles. Vehicles with more than a one ratio gearbox


The Purchaser may only cancel this Policy within fourteen (14) days from the purchase date stated under this Policy. The Company will refund to the Purchaser via the Agent the unexpired portion of the retained premium on a pro rata basis less any administration fee retained by the Company. PLEASE NOTE: No refund will be paid if a claim has been made within the 14 day cancellation period. The Company may at any time cancel this Policy by giving notice in writing to the Purchaser at the Purchaser’s last known address. Such cancellation shall be effective from 4.00 p.m. on the seventh day after posting by the Company.


To assign this Policy, please contact either your Selling Dealer or PROTECTA Insurance, presenting a copy of your Service Record, in the first instance. Providing the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the Vehicle Service Programme and the appropriate fee is paid, the Company agrees to transfer this Policy to the new owner.

Claims Procedure Purchaser’s Responsibility

1. In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown, please contact PROTECTA Insurance for your nearest Authorised Repairer on:- 0800 HELP TO U (435 7868)

For all other enquiries please contact our Customer Services Department on Phone (09) 377 6872

2. If the vehicle cannot be driven to the Authorised Repairer without further damage occurring, please contact the Authorised Repairer for assistance.

3. All repairs must be carried out by an Authorised Repairer. Failure to comply may result in your claim being declined.

4. The Purchaser will be required to authorise dismantling to determine the cause of the failure and may need to complete a claim form prior to the commencement of repairs.

Authorised Repairer’s Responsibility

Please contact the Claims Department on Phone (09) 915 0820 Fax (09) 377 6878

BEFORE ANY WORK IS CARRIED OUT and please have your Authorised Repairer’s number ready.

The Purchaser will be required to authorise dismantling to determine the cause of the Mechanical Breakdown and may need to complete a claim form prior to the commencement of repairs. Labour Hours – PROTECTA Insurance will pay for the time taken to repair the vehicle as determined by a recognised and current flat rate manual as supplied by the manufacturer, MTA or similar authority.

Unauthorised Work

Any repair carried out without an order number will not be accepted as a claim under this Policy. Any work carried out by an unauthorised repairer may result in the claim being declined. Any unauthorised work undertaken will become the responsibility of the repairer concerned. N.B. If accounts are not submitted within 60 days of issuing an Order Number the claim relating to those repairs shall be deemed invalid.

Vehicle Service Programme

Purchasers Responsibility

1. All services should be carried out by an Authorised Service Centre. For the name of your nearest Authorised Service Centre please contact PROTECTA Insurance on:- 0800 HELP TO U (435 7868) For all other enquiries please contact our Customer Services Department on Phone - (09) 377 6872

2. The FIRST Service must be completed at the time of purchase.

3. All vehicle services thereafter must be completed every 10,000 km or 12 months, whichever occurs first.

4. All work carried out in accordance with the Vehicle Service Programme is the responsibility of the Purchaser and failure to complete the minimum service requirements outlined below will lead to the refusal of a claim.

Minimum Service Requirements are:

Change engine oil & filter. Check air cleaner & replace if necessary

Check clutch operation for slippage

Check turbo oil feed pipe for blockages and leaks

Check camshaft belt and all drive belts and replace if necessary

Check all fluid and oil levels and top up if necessary

Check CV joints & boots

Check cooling system for leaks and pressure test

Check transmission oil & filter & service transmission if required

Check engine tuning and adjust as required

Check braking system

Check steering and suspension systems

Replace fuel filter every 20,000 km service

##(WCV Ltd - recommend fuel filter change every 10,000 km)## Warranty policy requires 20,000km ##

Note: The Cambelt does not need to be checked if it has been replaced within the last 40,000 km. (Proof will be required). Please record all services on the “Service Record” page.

Service Record

Important: The 1st Service must be carried out at the time of purchase. Thereafter vehicles are to be serviced every 10,000 km or 12 months whichever occurs first in accordance with the Vehicle Service Programme outlined in this Policy. A photocopy of this service record and all service invoices will be required in the event of a claim. Any advice given to the Purchaser concerning the service is to be noted on the service invoice for future reference purposes.

Some exclusions and conditions apply.